Why Replace Your Windows in Lakeland?

How often do you think about your windows? We often take them for granted, unconsciously knowing they let in light and air, offer security, keep pests out and provide a connection between indoors and out. If you have not inspected your windows lately, it may be a good time to do so. Consider their age, condition and ease of operation. Do they block noise? Do you notice condensation on them? If your Lakeland home’s windows are single-pane, in poor condition, leak or let in noise, it may be time to replace them with energy-efficient models.

Save on Energy Bills

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, replacing single-pane, clear-glass Energy Star-rated windows can save up to $583 annually on energy bills. Upgrading to double-glazed windows with coatings that reflect solar radiation can increase comfort and reduce the load on your air conditioner. Peak cooling load can be reduced by approximately half by upgrading to double-glazed low-solar-gain low-E products with thermally enhanced frames. Using less energy helps the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint.

Improve Comfort

Air-tight windows eliminate drafts, making the living space more comfortable. Energy-efficient windows keep heat from entering your home but allow in light. You can sit by a window and enjoy the benefits of natural light without feeling heat through the glass. Multiple panes filled with insulating gas reduce noise, which contributes to a more pleasant indoor environment.

Get Tax Credits and Rebates

The Inflation Reduction Act includes tax credits for energy-saving upgrades to homes and businesses. Installing energy-efficient windows that meet Energy Star’s requirements may qualify for tax credits of 30% of costs up to $600. In Florida, state and local energy-efficiency programs offer tax credits and rebates for upgrading appliances and lowering home energy use.

Reduce Maintenance and Repairs

Energy-efficient windows are constructed to protect against condensation, which can cause mold and mildew growth. Condensation can corrode metal, rot wood and seep into the frames and sill, resulting in peeling paint, drafts and a worn-out look. Energy-efficient products also enhance street appeal and protect interiors from UV damage and heat. Many materials, such as vinyl and fiberglass, require little maintenance and have a long service life.

JMI Windows & Doors offers window replacements and new installations in Lakeland and the greater Tampa Bay area. We work closely with customers, offering superior, competitively-priced products from PGT, a major manufacturer of these products. We back our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. For more information about installing energy-efficient windows or to schedule an estimate, call JMI Windows & Doors today.

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