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Why Do I Need a Permit to Install New Windows?

Most homeowners get fed up with all the restrictions, rules, and regulations that can sometimes revolve around renovating, remodeling, and building. When it comes to upgrading and installing new windows, we often get the question, “Why do I need a permit to install new windows?”. As a window and door replacement company serving Sarasota, we understand why a permit might seem like a costly and unnecessary addition to our customer’s bills. But we assure you that it is not only the law; it is an excellent tool for you, the homeowner. These are the main reasons why a permit is not only a good idea; it is the only option you should accept!

A Permit Saves the Homeowner From Harm

Installing new windows might seem like a fairly straightforward project that requires very little skill or experience, but that is not the case! When we replace old and aging windows, the dimensions might not alter, but that does not mean that specific alterations need to be made. If windows are installed incorrectly, without paying special attention to things like symmetry and equilibrium, it can cause sagging and poor weight distribution that will lead, over time, to premature aging. And in some instances, it can lead to the need for costly repairs. A permit is required to pass inspection to ensure that things are done correctly. Without one, there is no way to know that you are getting quality craftsmanship that will not only be aesthetically pleasing; it is necessary for the longevity of your upgraded new windows!

A Permit Ensures Your Contractor Has the Right Credentials

Window installation requires certain requirements above just training and experience; you have to have a license and insurance. Whenever you hire someone to do work on one of your greatest assets, it is mandatory that you check for license and insurance credentials. Although accidents are rare, if something should go wrong, only a licensed and insured professional will have the means to make the situation right. If you hire someone who does not and things go South, that could leave you holding the bag to not only clean up but also, to pay for costly repairs!

Light and Ventilation Requirements

In Florida, as with the rest of the nation, there are specific requirements when it comes to the light and ventilation of a dwelling. A permit is meant to ensure that all of the mandatory requirements are made to protect not just you and your family, but your home so that it is up to code.

To Adhere to Bedroom Safety Requirements

Bedrooms that reside within a dwelling have to have either a door that leads to the exterior or at least one window that is large enough to escape in the event of a fire. The window needs to be at least 20 inches in width and 24 inches high, otherwise, it prevents a hazard if people need to vacate and the front doorway is blocked or unusable.

The Safety of the Windows Themselves

Depending on where your home resides, there are restrictions about what type of windows you can use for safety reasons. Windows need to be either laminated or tempered glass to withstand traumatic forces and keep everyone safe. That is especially important in the Florida area, where hurricanes and high winds prevent a high risk for flying debris.

Proper Placement is a MUST!

As mentioned before, windows have to be perfectly installed, which means paying special attention to how and where they are situated within a wall. If there is not enough room between the doors and the windows, it could lead to lateral load resistance issues that will eventually cause a problem.

A permit might seem like an additional expense that is nothing more than administrative jargon and more cost, but they are not only critical, they help to protect you, the homeowner. At JMI Windows & Doors, we understand the importance of doing everything by the book and ensuring not only that your windows and doors look amazing, but also that they are installed to regulation, safe, and long-lasting. We are a window and door replacement serving Sarasota that goes above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. Contact us today to discuss your window or door replacement project and let’s get started!

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