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Understanding Glass Coatings on Windows in Clearwater, FL

Windows add to the aesthetic quality of your Clearwater, FL home, let in light and fresh air and offer views to the outside. However, windows also let in heat from the sun. According to the Partnership for Advanced Window Solutions, windows account for about 8% of a building envelope but approximately 45% of its heat transfer. Glass coatings on windows are an effective solution to improving energy efficiency at a reasonable cost.

In Florida, replacing single-pane, clear glass windows with energy-efficient models can save up to 37% on annual cooling costs. Glass coatings reduce solar gain, which lowers the amount of heat entering your home through windows. Here are several coatings that work well in Florida’s climate.

Low-Emissivity Coatings

Low-emissivity coatings control how much of the sun’s radiation passes through the glass into the living space. Low-solar-gain low-E glass, developed for southern climates, is coated with microscopically thin layers of low-emissivity materials, typically silver, that reflect the sun’s radiation back to the outside, keeping heat energy from entering your home.

Glass ratings for visible transmittance of light are expressed by values ranging between 0 and 1. The higher the number, the more light passes through. Look for VT values above .6, meaning 60% of visible light is admitted through the glass.

The solar heat gain coefficient measures how much ultraviolet and short-wavelength infrared radiation enters a building through glass using a ratio between 0 and 1. Zero is the least heat gain, and 1 is the most. The Efficient Windows Collaborative considers the SHGC the most important factor for window energy efficiency in southern climates. They recommend windows with an SHGC of .25 or less for hot climates, meaning that only 25% of solar radiation is transmitted through the glass. Look for window ratings with high VT and low SHGC values, optimizing energy efficiency without sacrificing light.

We offer Insulating glass, laminated glass, and laminated insulating glass options will help to decrease indoor energy usage, as well as lower heating and cooling costs. There are additional options to achieve ENERGY STAR® ratings that improve energy performance so you can save even more on energy costs. These options include:

  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE LOW-E that will deflect solar heat gain and keep unwanted heat outside your home.
  • GLASS TINTS that will reduce heat that is transmitted through your windows.
  • ARGON GAS which will help reflect outside heat to better control temperatures inside.

JMI Windows & Doors offers energy-saving windows that can help lower energy bills and increase indoor comfort. With more than 22 years of experience in the Tampa Bay area, we know what products perform well in the local climate. Contact JMI Windows & Doors for window replacements and new installations that will suit your budget and lifestyle needs.

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