Hurricane Season is Coming! Act Now!

Protecting Your Windows during A Hurricane in Sarasota, FL

Strong winds and rain are destructive forces of nature, and residents should proactively protect their homes from damage. Here are four ways to protect the windows in your Sarasota home during a hurricane.

1. Install Impact Windows

Impact-resistant windows provide the maximum protection against a hurricane. They have a unique laminate film compressed between two sheets of glass and are constructed to withstand wind, rain, and flying debris. If they do break, the laminate holds the pieces in place rather than having them scattered on the floor like a traditional window.

2. Board up with Plywood

Plywood is the least costly way to protect your home during a hurricane. Although this method is effective, applying and removing the plywood as each storm approaches is time-consuming. Because plywood blocks light from entering your home, you must install it at the last minute. That is okay when a hurricane approaches, but it won’t offer protection for storms that whip up suddenly. Additionally, you must custom-cut the plywood to fit each window and find a place to store the plywood when not in use.

3. Install Storm Shutters

Hurricane shutters are more affordable than impact-resistant windows and more visually appealing than plywood. They offer strong protection and come in various styles. Just be sure you’re home in time to close them before the storm hits.

4. Partner with JMI Windows & Doors

We specialize in protecting homes from the damage a hurricane’s high winds and rain can cause. We sell and install top-rated PGT hurricane windows, and our experienced team has the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a professional installation.

p>JMI Windows & Doors can help you find the proper hurricane protection for the windows in your Sarasota home. To learn more about your hurricane options, visit our showroom or call us today. We guarantee you’ll get personal attention and excellent service.

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