Hurricane Season is Coming! Act Now!

Misconceptions About Hurricane Windows in Florida

Most Clearwater residents know they need protection from the severe storms that pummel west central Florida. While hurricane windows are an excellent option to safeguard your home, myths often dissuade homeowners from getting maximum protection. Here are four misconceptions about hurricane windows you need to know.

1. Impact Windows Look Unappealing

Many homeowners assume a window must be big, heavy, and clunky to withstand hurricane-force damage. The truth is that the PGT impact windows we install are attractive, let in light, come in a variety of styles, and add curb appeal to your home.

2. Taping Windows Prevents Them from Breaking

Taping your windows does nothing to protect your windows from breaking. When the glass does break, it breaks into large fragments, creating dangerous projectiles. Plus, you now have a window opening that allows wind and rain into your home.

3. Hurricane Windows Are Too Expensive

Believing this myth can be a costly mistake. Although hurricane windows cost more than storm shutters and other precautionary methods, you must balance that against the repair costs for window replacement and interior wind and water damage from broken windows. Because impact windows are insulated and block ultraviolet light, you save on cooling expenses and prolong the life of your AC system. These windows also protect against theft and intruders, which can lower your insurance rates.

4. Not Every Window Needs to be An Impact Window

Many residents believe that only the windows that face the coast need to be hurricane resistant, but that’s not the case. Storms change directions, and rain can batter your home from all sides. Additionally, hurricanes spin and rotate, whipping up debris that can hit your home from any direction.

Installing impact windows protects your Clearwater home from storms and offers additional benefits to boot. To learn more about the advantages of hurricane windows, call JMI Windows & Doors or visit our showroom.

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