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Hurricane Season is Coming! Act Now!

Items that Ensure a Storm-Proof Home in Tampa, FL

Homeowners everywhere experience rain, wind, hail, and other adverse weather conditions. In addition to those weather events, Tampa residents deal with the possible devastation from hurricanes and storm-related flooding. Here are four things that help ensure a storm-proof home from top to bottom.

Secure Roof

It doesn’t take hurricane wind speeds to blow away parts or all of your roof; winds under 50 miles per hour can blow it away if you don’t take precautions. Metal roofs withstand 140 mph winds. If you prefer shingles, opt for architectural shingles, which are thicker and heavier than traditional asphalt shingles and protect against winds up to 130 mph. Seal your roof to prevent water damage, and use hurricane straps to provide additional reinforcement.

Tied-down Foundation

Hurricane straps or metal connectors anchor your home to the ground and prevent it from being blown off its foundation. It’s also a good idea to tie down detached garages and garden sheds. For protection against rain and flooding, build on a higher elevation, regularly paint or stain the foundation, and keep your gutters clear and in good condition.

Impact-Resistant Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable part of your home when it comes to a strong storm or hurricane. High-impact windows withstand the force that comes with wind speeds of 157 miles per hour in a Category 5 hurricane. They resist breaking from flying projectiles and help prevent water intrusion.

Reinforced Doors and Entry Points

A hurricane-resistant garage door with steel reinforcements and extra hardware is a good investment in hurricane-prone areas. Install impact-resistant entry and sliding doors. Hurricane shutters may be a less expensive option to protect entry doors.

If you’re building a new home in Tampa, FL, it’s easy to incorporate these security measures during the design-build phase. Consider upgrading some of these features if you live in an older home. Either way, JMI Windows & Doors has the expertise to help you protect your family and ensure a storm-proof home.

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