Hurricane Season is Coming! Act Now!

Impact Windows Versus Hurricane Shutters

There are so many advantages to living in the beautiful state of Florida, but it is not always sunny. The one drawback is the threat of hurricane season. When strong winds and tumultuous storms make their way through the area, it can lead to some real destruction. The good news is there are several new and advanced products in the window and shutter industry to help homeowners and business owners alike limit any damage that can come with harsh storms, high winds, and flying debris. We get a lot of questions from our customers about which is better – impact windows or hurricane shutters – as well as what the difference is. Here’s our recommendation regarding hurricane impact windows in Sarasota.

Impact Windows Versus Hurricane Shutters

Often, property owners struggle with the decision of whether they should invest in impact windows or hurricane shutters. The factors they need to consider are things like strength, aesthetics, and overall budget. Overall, there are pros and cons to each, and only by knowing what the differences are can you make the best decision for your home and family. Both of them are great protection against flying objects and debris that can lead to extensive damage, so whichever you choose is a wise choice. Going without either, though, is not!

Pros of Impact Windows

When you install hurricane shutters over your existing windows, the reality is that you are only covering up aging windows that should probably be replaced unless they are new. Older windows in our area typically do not close or latch, and sometimes they don’t even close completely. That can be a hazard during high winds. And if they don’t function properly to begin with, they aren’t going to do the trick even when shutters are placed over them. Also, old windows cannot withstand the negative pressure of hurricane winds, which can lead to water damage to your home or office.

Your Hurricane Shutters Only Work as Well as the Windows Beneath Them

When you invest in impact windows, then you do not need the additional shutters. According to the Florida Building Code, you do need to install hurricane shutters over windows that do not have impact resistance to meet the standard requirements. So in the end, it just makes more sense to invest in permanent windows. You can always add shutters in the future if you want additional protection or if you like the way they look. Also, hurricane shutters need to be installed and removed. At the threat of a hurricane, you simply lock your impact windows and you are good to go.

Don’t Be Left Vulnerable in the Eye of the Storm Without Your Eyes

Hurricane shutters block your view during the storm so that you can’t see what is going on outside. That can be traumatizing for little ones, and very stressful for you not to know what is happening. Impact windows don’t just protect you from the wrath of Mother Nature – they also help to keep out intruders. Hurricane shutters do not.

Energy and Noise-Blocking Efficiency

Impact hurricane windows also help you reduce exterior sounds by as much as 70%, which creates a much more peaceful indoor ambiance. And they also help to reduce your air conditioning costs by providing a better seal against air leaking in and out of your home. Impact windows come with UV protection that stops sun damage from fading your interior furniture and belongings, as well as preventing radiant heat from forcing your air conditioning to work overtime throughout the summer. Finally, impact windows are a great investment to increase equity in your home, so they help to pay for themselves in the long run. Hurricane shutters do not.

One of the biggest drawbacks about living in the Florida area is the threat of strong storms and hurricanes. If you want to reduce your home’s vulnerability during high winds, then impact windows are the way to go. After all, you can always add hurricane shutters for additional protection, but the heart of what works lies in your window’s strength. Contact JMI Windows & Doors to discuss how we can help to better protect your home during Florida’s hazardous weather conditions today!

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