How to Prep Your Largo, FL Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricanes cause extensive property damage. Preparing your Largo, FL home for the hurricane season helps lower the risk of damage. Below, we will cover tips for prepping your home for hurricane season.

Invest in Hurricane-Impact Windows

Raging winds along with flying debris can shatter the glass on regular windows. The damaged windows allow the wind and rain to enter your house and wreak havoc. In addition, the flying glass and debris can harm your family.

When you have hurricane-impact windows installed in your home, you can rest assured that they will withstand hurricane-force winds. These windows consist of layered glass that remains intact when a flying object hits them. You can also install storm shutters on the windows to protect them from damage.

Consider Getting Hurricane-Impact Doors

Hurricane impact doors have extra reinforcement and heavy-duty hinges that help them withstand the strongest storms. The doors also resist water infiltration, keeping your home dry during a storm. These doors also offer additional security against intruders, as they make it difficult for them to break into your house.

Secure the Outdoor Structures

During a storm, the wind can knock over loose items in your yard and neighborhood, such as patio furniture, barbeque grills, and potted plants. Strong winds can also hurl these items around, making them dangerous to your home and your neighbors’ homes. Anchor your furniture securely and move portable items into your house, garage, or shed to avoid them causing damage or getting blown away.

Adopting the discussed tips will help to keep your family safe and safeguard your home. Call JMI Windows & Doors when you need window and door solutions to make your home ready for the hurricane season. We offer multiple cost-effective solutions that protect your family.

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