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3 Signs Your Home Needs New Windows in Largo, FL

Now that spring is here, your windows are going to play an important role in your ability to keep heat out and stay comfortable at home in Largo, FL. Perhaps they are inadequate for that task, however. Here are three signs that it may be time for some new windows.

1. High Utility Bills

Although they probably aren’t the first thing that you’d expect to lie behind this problem, your windows may be responsible for lowering your HVAC system’s efficiency and making your utility bills rise. Yes, your system may itself have many different issues that cause this, but windows are one reason that people often overlook.

For example, if you have old and thin, single-pane windows that don’t fit tightly enough into their frames, then heat or warm air from outside will get into your home and push the temperature up. Your HVAC system will then have to fight harder to keep your home cool, eating up more energy and raising your power bills. If a service call and maintenance check has failed to turn up anything wrong with your HVAC system, then you may need to get new ones before you can bring your bills back down.

2. Condensation

If high amounts of condensation are appearing on your windowpanes, then the glazing may be fading and losing effectiveness. During the colder months, such condensation will appear on the interior side of your them. During the spring and summer, however, it will probably show up on the exterior side.

3. Water and Storm Damage

Hurricanes often hit places like Largo, FL, meaning that your windows may sustain cracks and other kinds of damage from flying debris. Even if you have reinforced hurricane-impact windows, this is always possible.

Your windows have a more significant influence upon your level of comfort than you may realize. Call JMI Windows & Doors, and schedule window services near Largo, FL today.

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